Specialty Units

20’ and 40' Storage containers complying with New York States coding requirements. These specialized Containers come equipped with approved New York State Education Department (NYSED) Exit Device & Venting devices. NYSED requirements include interior exit device on doors and ventilation louvers. Safety is our primary concern here at Catskill Custom Containers. Please click on the following link for more details regarding the NYSED requirements:

  • 20' NYSED School Containers
  • 40' NYSED School Containers


Here at Catskill Custom Containers, we offer a wide variety of customizations that will assure that your requirements are met.
Here are just a few of our offerings:

  • Custom Container Lengths
  • Custom Painting and Lettering
  • Doors: Personnel, Roll-Up & Double Swing
  • Windows
  • Electrical Wiring & Lighting
  • Heating & Cooling Systems

Container Chassis

We carry a full line of 5th Wheel Container Chassis at assorted lengths. Chassis allow for easy relocation of Containers on your property
or job sites. Please call us today for more information & availability.

Box Trailers (Refrigerated and Non-Refrigerated)

We offer a wide range of both Refrigerated and Non-Refrigerated trailers for over the road use or stroage. Please call us today for more information & availability.

  • 40', 48' & 53' Non-Refrigerated Box Trailers
  • 40', 48' & 53' Refrigerated Box Trailers

No matter what your need, Catskill Custom Containers has a solution for you. Please see below a list of just a few of the products\solutions that we can deliver. Please call us today for more information & availability. 


Storage Containers

20’ and 40' Storage containers that will meet your on-site storage needs for residential, commercial, construction and everything in between. We have a large assortment of units that are safe, secure and a very economical storate solution.

  • 20' Storage
  • 40' Storage
  • 20' Quad Door
  • 40' Quad Door


Your Container Storage Solution…


Catskill Custom Containers

Office Containers

Our Office and Office Combo solutions provides functional office & storage spaces. Units provide a secure and convenient onsite office & storage space no matter what your application. Please call us today for more information & availability.

  • 20' Office Combo
  • 20' Office
  • 40' Office Combo
  • 40' Office